TITIIC 2016 Hosted Investor Application Form

1. This document is an application only and not a confirmation of your participation as a
Hosted Buyer.
2. Once received, all questionnaires will be vetted by a committee, after which you will be informed
of your participation status.
3. A pre-scheduled appointment programme will be available via the show website which allows both VIP’s and exhibitors to request, accept and decline appointments prior to the show opening.
4. All hosted buyers are required to confirm and attend a minimum of 10 appointments with exhibitors over the three exhibition days 17 – 19May 2016).
5. Only official applications will be considered.
6. Application will close on the 29 April 2016.
7. Should your application be successful, copies of all relevant travel documents will be required to be sent to the organisers in South Africa by a pre-determined date as outlined in the confirmation letter.
8. By completing this application, you agree to these terms and conditions of participation.
9. The organisers reserve the right to accept or decline applications at their discretion.